About Love spells, blackmagic and wicca

Let me make this clear. These are only my personal observations and opinions, so please accept them or disregard them as per your own judgmentally. Love spells and blackmagic are a complicated topic with many different practices and beliefs involved. Please accept my writings on this topic as a free service to the community, because it is really sad to see folks using services of spell casters which are not really ethical and don't follow proper magic rules in their line of work.

When people feel vulnerable and without hope, it's particularly easy to be misguided in both magic and real life. Magic by its own nature contains a level of secrecy, it feels like something truly exotic and out of reach to ordinary people, and in many case it really is so. People looking for spell casters and magic practitioners, are searching for things they really don't know or understand. And this is the reason why they are so vulnerable to crooks and fake spell casters, which pretend to be something they aren't, with all their mystic loaded names, websites and  impressive looking credentials. They are always ready to take your hard earned money without doing any magic or spell casting at all, despite all their promises and this is something which damages reputation of all honest spell casters out there.

And let me clarify a thing about myself: I am a real spell caster and I do magic (not black magic) to help people. But I don't have any motives for writing this guide beside helping people by informing them about what they should look and ask for. There are many good, skilful and knowledgeable magic practitioners in the world, and chances are that the secret powers we don't see with our eyes, will lead you to one of those honest spell casters. But no matter what, you should know that like in many other situations in life there are no love spell casters nor magic spells which fit perfectly for everyone. Every magic practitioner has his own field of speciality and his own unique magical gifts. Because of this, they will work on different cases with various end results. For what it's worth, I tend to keep my magic work to a bare minimum. To do real magic and to cast energetically strong spells (love, money, binding) is hard, and to keep hundreds of clients which could be impressed with my guide would prove to be nearly impossible. So instead, I work only with a couple of clients at a time, so every client has my complete, undivided attention.

Here are a couple of things you should think about before you choose what is good for your case.

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Different ways of doing magic and what are some types of spell casters:

Ok, so lets see how come there is so much different styles and ways of doing magic? What are some of the differences in spell casting? You have probably heard some of these names: witches, psychics, voodoo priests, wicca and so on. So lets think about these and many others and consider them to be a part of a broad category. Lets call this category magic practitioners. All above named groups and individuals are involved in a particular style of magic and spells, be it from a traditional based approaches or as a way of expressing their religious needs.

The essence is this: the urge to practice magic comes from a real life problem which can be solved with some magic practice. This is something every society in every age practiced, since the dawn of the human race on this earth. It is not about some popular New Age cult, instead it is a deeply felt and needed practice. This practice is sometimes performed by experienced magic practitioners, which share their magic gifts and in return make a living of it. You will probably easily found a number of different magic practitioners online.

Here is a word or two about these different styles of magic. First of all there are some which call themselves Witches. These people are involved in a kind of magic known as witchcraft or blackmagic and is mostly coming from the old European magic traditions. Wichcrafting involves rituals, chanting, herbal potions and other less known practices. Basically this kind of magic is not religion based, and can be considered as a magic skill which can be learned no matter your own religion or ethnic origin.

Wicca? What is wicca??

But there is also a group of Witches which prefer another approach. They call themselves Wicca. Wicca is actually a widely recognized form of nature loving and peaceful religion. But many Wicca's also practice a way of Witchcrafting which is an essential part of their ceremonies. And here is a problem: not all Wican's are doing Witchcraft, and not all Witches are Wicca's! Confusing, isn't it?

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True Wiccans only do what is known as white magic, meaning that they are not into forcefully influencing or controlling other people, which is often considered as a blackmagic. Interesting enough, Wicca teaches that the magic powers follow something they call the law of return, the magic you sent to someone will in time come back to you in three times stronger form. This means they will often avoid to do even white magic. So if you see someone who claims he is a Wicca  and offers you a revengeful magic or love spell, you will know he isn't really a true Wicca. A true Wiccan will never do a revenge, love spell or anything similar no matter the money, as he believes it will come back to him in no time. In fact, you will hardly ever find a Wiccan which casts spells for money.

Spiritual workers are actually people like me. We usually use a number of different approaches including prayers, religious devotion and casting magic on behalf of our clients. In general, the work we do is of “white” kind of magic (not blackmagic) but this certainly depends on the circumstances. Sometimes when you want to break up with a boyfriend who abuses you, you are allowed to use some more radical ways of doing magic on your behalf. When a wicked person wants to split up your longtime relationship or marriage you must deflect his or her evil intentions and it will still be a kind of white magic.

The overall situation is all that matters, in one situation something is not acceptable while in slightly different situation the same magic action is quite appropriate. This is why a good Spiritual Worker has to know many things. Sometimes a Spiritual Worker can also offer you some good spiritual advices. Many of us are deeply involved with our church communities, although in many cases we are not tied to any particular confession. In fact, anyone who is deeply connected to the Divine and is willing to help other people can be considered as a Spiritual Worker. If you pray often, and you pray for other people's benefit you can consider yourself as a Spiritual Worker. Many of us who are involved in magic spells, light candles for other people because candles and prayers are an effective combination. Spiritual Workers can also provide other services or goods like supplies for spiritual cleansing baths. Often some other magic techniques are required, like love spells, magic ceremonies, burning incenses and so on. In fact, a decent Spiritual Worker can do broad variety of magic actions on your behalf.

What to expect from a Spell Caster

Every magic work is different as every client and his situation are different. Your magic worker has to share all such informations with you as it can give you clues as to what actions you should take.