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Elemental Paten Econo Elemental Pentacle Paten
This is a Econo Elemental Pentacle Paten, choose color. They are poly cast, 3" diameter, 1/4" thick and the best part is they can be customized. You can paint them with either acrylic or enamel easily and add your own colors and sigils to them. You can glue stones or other items to them with model glue and can truly make your OWN Paten. This size paten fits most all our chalices as a top. PRICE - $5.95

Elemental Pentacle Altar Paten Elemental Pentacle Altar Paten
This is a 3" diameter, satin black, 1/4" thick, poly cast and hand detailed, Elemental Pentacle Altar Paten. It will fit on most all our chalices as a top!
PRICE - $12.95

Wide Mouth Pentacle Silver Chalice
This is a Wide Mouth Pentacle Silver Chalice. Brass cast with heavy silver plate. Chalice is 3" tall and 4" diameter. Inside bottom is a pentacle.
PRICE - $17.85

Jeweled Pentacle Cobalt Glass Chalice Jeweled Pentacle Cobalt Glass Chalice
This is a Jeweled Pentacle Cobalt Glass Chalice 7" tall. It is 3.5" diameter and has a pewter 1 3/4" pentacle on the front. Each point of the pentacle is jeweled with a crystal, glowing, Swarovski gem. A choice quality and unique item at a great price.
PRICE - $29.95

Silver Plated Chalices...

Celtic Accented Chalice Celtic Accented Chalice
This is a heavy silver plate over brass, great quality, 7" tall, black accented, Celtic Accented Chalice.
PRICE - $18.95

Spiral Stem Pentacle Chalice Spiral Stem Pentacle Chalice
This is a heavy silver plate, Spiral Stem Pentacle Chalice 5".
PRICE - $10.95

Dome Top Pentacle Chalice Dome Top Pentacle Chalice
This is a 5.5" Dome Top Pentacle Chalice. A traditional and pleasing design.
PRICE - $12.95

Chalice Silver Celtic Pentacle Chalice Silver Celtic Pentacle (8")
Plain, silver plated chalice with a Celtic knotted pentagram engraved on one side. Stands 8" high.
PRICE - $21.95

Chalice Set Plated Silver Chalices Pentacle Plated Silver, Set Of 6 (4 3/4")
Six mini lotus shaped chalices come in a cloth lined, velveteen storage case. Chalice bowl is silver plated with an engraved pentagram on both sides, & a brass stem. Each 4" high.
PRICE - $58.95

Silver Plated Chalice Plain Silver Plated Chalice Plain
approx. 8" in height
PRICE - $17.95

Silver Plated Chalice Fancy Silver Plated Chalice Fancy
approx. 8 1/4" in height
PRICE - $17.95

Chalice Sets...

All chalice sets come in a plush case

Brass Chalice Set Brass Chalice Set
7" in height
PRICE - $34.95/pair
Chalice Set Silver and Brass Silver & Brass Chalice Set
8.5" in height, Lotus Shaped
PRICE - $47.95/pair

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