Ritual Items

Ritual Items available from Maledicta Moonchild

Athame - Athames for ritual use, spells and look great on your altars.

Cloaks - Cloaks for coven rituals, solitary rituals and keep you warm.

Stones - Stones for ritual and altars.

Crystal Balls- Crystal Balls used for rituals and spells. They involve a technique of visually un-focusing the mind in order to receive visions of events. The ball itself is not the source of the visions, just the projector screen for the visions.

Altar Accessories - This page consists of accessories to be used on your altar. You'll find burners, smudging wands, altar tiles, and altar cloths.

Altar Bells - Altar Bells to be used during rituals and when performing spells.

Candles - Candles for every spell; healing, love, protection and more. Also 7 knob candles, human figure candles. Many more types available.

Candle Accessories - Candle holders, scribe tools and accessories for candle magic.

Incense - Incense High quality, handcrafted incenses in granulars, powders, sticks and cones. Softly scented & even burning.

Spell Supplies - Need we say more? Everything you need when performing a spell. Parchment, feather quills, dragon's blood & dove's blook ink, holy water, black salt, coffin nails and more.

Cauldrons & Burners - Cast iron cauldrons and incense burners.

Chalices - Chalices for every purpose, even the most formal ritual.

Bowls - Bowls for scrying which is the art of foretelling the future, singing bowls used for healing, meditation, making music and purifying and devotion bowls. A variety of bowls for ritual occasions.

Ritual Kits - Pre-made kits for the following purposes; healing, love, protection. Each kit comes with 1 charged ritual candle, 1 package incense, 1 package charcoal, 1 package bath salts, 1 amulet, detailed instructions on their use.

Oils - Mystical Oil Formulations from Anna Riva's book, Golden Secrets of Mystic Oils. Available oils consist of Anointing, Aphrodisia, Bewitching, Black Cat, Dove's Blood, and many others.

Misc. Supplies - Just what it says... Miscellaneous Supplies. These are supplies that don't fall into any other category. On this page you'll find velveteen bags, perfect for holding your tarot cards. Also a pentagram handled sword letter opener.

Bumper Stickers - Let the world know what you believe. Bumper stickers such as: "Blessed Be", "In Goddess We Trust", "Magic Happens", "Last Time We Mixed Politics With Religion.. People Got Burned At The Stake", "Earth, Air, Fire & Water.. Bind Us To Her" and many others.

Ordering Information - This page gives all the details for shipping prices, how to place an order, and anything else you may have questions on regarding the ordering process

Offline Order Form - This is an offline order form that you can print directly from your browser. Then just fill it out and mail it in with your check/money order or credit card information. Although we do offer worry free shopping through a secure server, if you still do not feel comfortable supplying credit card information over the Internet, or if your browser does not allow secure transactions, you can use this form to place your order.

Email - As always, if you have any questions, suggestions, or concerns, please feel free to email us at anytime.

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