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2007 Seasons of the Witch Weekly Planner
Seasons of the Witch Weekly with Tarot Planner New features this year: You asked for it. We listened. Spiral bound version with hardback cover, heavier paper for lots of wear and blank address pages. Twenty pages more. ALL FOR THE SAME PRICE AS THE PAST FOUR YEARS!!! Melding the magickal with the mundane. INCLUDES Month-At-A-Glance overview in two-page spread with waxing moon phases shaded for easy planning. Two-Page-Per-Week format features graphic moon phases, major & minor PowerCasting opportunities for spells, sabbats, esbats, noteworthy events, lunar astrology, moon void-of-course, Mercury Retrograde, Secular (bank) holidays.
Price - $19.95

2007 Season of the Witch Calendar by Seventh House
2007 Art celebrating the spectrum of pagan paths. Crunched in the crucible, condensed for the wall. Includes power days for spell casting, lunar astrology, sabbats, esbats, bank holidays, Mercury Retrograde, waxing moon phases shaded yellow. 11x14 thirteen-month wall calendar
Price - $19.95

2007 Witches Calendar by Llewellyn
Wake up each day under the spell of this entrancing calendar of folklore and magic. Colorful original artwork accompanies a new seasonal topic each month. Denise Dumars, Ellen Dugan, Stephanie Taylor, and Gail Wood are among the authors contributing their expertise. In addition, the back of the calendar features articles about Pagan trends by Deborah Lipp, the Green Man by Raven Grimassi, handfasting by Jennifer McDevitt, and solar and lunar calendars by Elizabeth Barrette.
Price - $12.99

2007 Witches Datebook by Llewellyn
Make room for more magic in your life with the Witches` Datebook. Keep track of coven meetings, festivals, and your more mundane appointments in the midst of recipes, rituals, and pagan artwork. A portable companion to Llewellyn`s Witches` Calendar, this enchanting datebook presents each week on a two-page spread. Each month features Moon rituals by Ellen Dugan, meditations by Elizabeth Barrette, and Sabbat rituals by Abby Willowroot. Also included are in-depth articles, such as "Night of Hecate" by K. D. Spitzer, "My Other Broomstick" by Jennifer Cobb, and "Making Magical Inks" by Lynn Smythe. Spiral Bound soft cover 144 pgs.
Price - $9.99

2007 Witches Spell-a day by Llewellyn
This contemporary spell book with an antique Book-of-Days style returns for its fifth successful year. Witches and Pagans will find spells for all occasions, along with recipes, rituals, and meditations. It also includes crucial information for spellcasters: when the spell is appropriate, necessary implements, and where the spell should be performed. Icons categorize each spell under various headings: health, love, money, purification, and so on. Users who combine spells with astrology will find daily Moon signs and phases. Soft Cover 264 pgs.
Price - $7.99

2007 Astrological Calendar by Llewellyn
Featuring an amazing amount of astrological data, this calendar is a must for planning 2007 wisely. Colorful, contemporary art by T.W. Metcalf kicks off each month, and monthly horoscopes by Sally Cragin include the most rewarding and challenging dates for each sign. You`ll find major daily aspects, planetary sign changes, in addition to the Moon`s sign, phase, and void-of-course times. As always, there is a table of Retrograde Periods and ephemerides for each month.
Price - $12.99

2007 Celestial Forcaster Daily Guide
The Celestial Forecaster offers: Daily forecasts for every day of the year, Definitions of terms and glossary of symbols, Times for all major planetary aspects, retrogrades, and void of course moon periods, Mercury retrograde periods for 2007 with commentary, Monthly overview of significant aspects, Unique Table of Aspect Influence periods that gives you an instant overview of what`s going on daily, Built-in ephemeris for 2007. This is a detailed daily astrology guide by author and astrologer Annie Bones. It gives a forecast for each day of the year based on the dominant planetary aspects of the day.
Price - $14.95

2007 Daily Planetary Guide by Llewellyn
Once you`ve used Llewellyn`s Daily Planetary Guide, you`ll wonder how you made it through a year without it! Designed with advanced and professional astrologers in mind, Llewellyn`s trusted Daily Planetary guide is easy to use and filled with all the astrological information you need every day. this comprehensive planner contains an introduction to astrology for serious beginners (with information about the planets, signs houses, and aspects) and data for tracking the Sun, Moon, planets, Chiron, and the four major asteroids. for quick reference, the aspectarian in this popular datebook includes the signs planets are in, listings for Eastern and Pacific time zones, and a convenience, times in the calendar are adjusted for Daylight Saving Time. Spiral bound soft cover. 206 pgs.
Price - $9.99

2007 Night Magick Wall Calendar
Back for a fourth year of smashing reviews come twelve, deliciously wicked femmes from the darker side of Jessica Galbreths Enchanted Art. 11x14, thirteen months
Price - $14.95

2007 Herbal Almanac by Llewellyn
Whether you want to whip up herbal remedies for your pets or or treat yourself to an herbal facial, Llewellyn`s Herbal Almanac helps you get the most from nature`s most versatile plants. Today`s top herbalists present nearly three dozen articles bursting with tips for growing and gathering herbs, and using them for natural health, beauty, cooking, crafts, and magic. Discover how to cook jams, jellies, and condiments; brew your own herbal liqueurs; grow medicinal herbs: attract wildlife with herbs; and make your own cleaning products. Also included are crafts for kids, herbal remedies for respiratory health, the history of curry, and wild plant legends.
Price - $7.99

2007 Magical Almanac by Llewellyn
Recapture the magic of everyday living, and hearken back to the old ways with this eclectic treasury of folklore, spells, and practical how-tos. This year`s edition emphasizes daily magic and features a dazzling array of articles (over fifty in all) on air magic, banishing rituals, Beltane recipes, color magic, earth magic, fire magic, household rituals, kitchen witchery, magical gardening, signs and sigils, water magic, and more! Look for the Moon`s sign and phase, along with incense and color correspondences, to help you maximize the potential of your workings. There`s also a handy list of Pagan holidays and festivals around the world-allowing you to celebrate a new tradition nearly every day of the year.
Price - $7.99

2007 Moon Sign Book by Llewellyn
It`s always easier to go with the flow rather than against it. That`s why people have timed their activities with the favorable energy of the Moon for centuries. Since 1905, Llewellyn has helped readers use lunar timing to realize dreams both large and small. No other book on the market tops the Moon Sign Book in supplying useful tips for conscious living. The 2007 edition features more than twenty in-depth articles on gardening (Feng Shui in the garden, beneficial bugs, soy products), living green, the workplace, urban living, vacations, tatoos, "eco-celebrations", health and beauty products from herbs, and more. This popular almanac also contains weather forecasts for eight U.S. zones year round; economic forecasts; tips on planting; hunting and fishing dates; and timing tips for personal and financial decisions. Paperback 382 pgs.
Price - $7.99

2007 Sun Sign Book by Llewellyn
Will this year bring luck in love? When`s the best time to look for a new job? What do astrologers forecast for 2007`s world events? Explore the many uses of Sun sign astrology in Llewellyn`s Sun Sign Book 2007. Astrology every day, your lucky days, your best love matches, your guide to health & career success, and your monthly horoscopes by Terry Lamb. Soft Cover 374 pgs.
Price - $7.99

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