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Modern Sex Magick: Secrets of Erotic Spirituality
Deep within you is a center of power so potent and strong it defies imagination. Now you can learn to control and direct it when it's at its most intense and explosive-during sexual arousal. Modern Sex Magick provides easy and precise exercises that prepare you to use the magical energy raised during sexual activity, and then it shows you how to work with that energy to create positive changes in your life.
Donald Michael Kraig 6"x9", 55 line illus., appendices, glossary, bibliog., index $17.95

Ecstasy Through Tantra
This shows how the arousal, direction, and flow of sexual energy through our physical and psychic bodies is the source of magical power, physical and emotional health, true spiritual marriage, and genuine ecstasy. Fully illustrated with paintings and color photos.
Mumford, John 190 pp., color plates $16.00

Video: Sex Magic & Tantra
This tape describes the most effective ways to use your most powerful drives, to rediscover your inborn ability, long denied, for natural magic. Here you will find out how to generate enormous amounts of power through gender difference, whatever you orientation. Gavin Frost has been a leading researcher in this area. Using an extension of the techniques he was taught in 1950 in England, he tells all. With the able assistance of Yvonne, he investigated the techniques used by Tantrists to raise the kundalini and to alter their state of consciousness. The Frost' ground-breaking book on Tantra sells as well in India as it does in the west. Want to be more successful in your circle work? Learn how sex has been used for centuries to drive a ritual and to alter states of consciousness. Running time 47 minutes.
Frost/Frost $19.95

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