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Common Sense Tarot Common Sense Tarot
This complete guide to tarot reading is a comprehensive, in-depth introduction to the world of tarot reading. The easy step-by-step instructions enable you to interpret the tarot cards for yourself and others, for pleasure and for profit. Paperback, 169 pages.

By Benares, Camden

Price $9.95

Tarot Spreads Complete Book Of Tarot Spreads
Try these 122 layouts - the most in any book! Discover intriguing methods of combining the Tarot with astrology. Work with this huge collection of layouts, each one illustrated and accompained by simple instructions on how and when to use them. Use special spreads for special purposes, such as making decisions, comparing your conscious and unconscious attitudes, examining your relationships and your life journey goals. This is the Tarot book you thought youd never find! Paperback, 172 pages

By Burger/Fiebig

Price $8.95

Tarot Reversals Complete Book of Tarot Reversals
Reversals are not black and white; there is more than one way to interpret them. Explore these shades of grey with the twelve different methods for reading upside down cards. Upright and reversed interpretations for each of the 78 Tarot cards offer inner support, positive advice, and descriptions of the learning opportunities available, yet with a twist that is uniquely their own. Stimulate your intuition and deepen your connection to the cards as you explore the flip side of the Tarot. 274 pgs

By Greer, Mary

Price $14.95

Girls Guide Tarot Girls guide to Tarot
What`s up with your life and what`s out there for you? Seeing all your options, deciding what`s important and understanding the world around you--that`s what the Tarot is about. All you need is a deck of Tarot cards and this book. It gives you full instructions on how to use the cards and what they mean so you can just ask a question, focus and the answer will arrive in the spread.And there are lots of special spreads for special questions--like about love and friendships, getting to the bottom of things, starting something new , what the next year will bring and more.The Tarot is great for connecting with your intuition and making things seem clearer. This is your Tarot book, with the key to everything you want to know, including ideas for birthdays and parties, storytelling, keeping a journal and designing your own cards. Paperback, 128 pages.

By Olmstesd, Kathleen

Price $12.95

Heart Tarot Heart of Tarot
"Heart of Tarot" presents a unique and powerful way to do Tarot readings that doesn`t involve memorizing card meanings, using psychic skills or learning occult lore. Rather, it offers an amazingly accurate but little-known intuitive technique, developed by John McClimans, called "Gestalt Tarot." Once you discover the secrets of this approach it is easy to learn and master.This guidebook is a complete Tarot resource, with chapters on Tarot magick, teaching Tarot and reading the cards professionally. Gain a better understanding of any situation and make intelligent decisions based on your own insights--it`s simple when you listen to your heart. Paperback, 272 pages.

By Amber K/ Arynnk

Price $14.95

Tarot Spells Tarot Spells
This book presents practical ways to create positive changes in your life using the power of the Tarot. No elaborate rituals or tools are required -- your spells can be as simple or complex as you desire. All you need is an open mind & a deck of Tarot cards to attract love & romance, improve your finances, encourage good health, enhance creativity, overcome obstacles, or develop psychic awareness. Even if you have no experience working with the Tarot, this unique book tells you how the archetypal symbols of the Tarot speak to the subconscious mind & add power to your spells. For those already familiar with the cards, this book opens new doors to knowledge & creativity. In this updated edition, the author responds to the most frequently asked questions from readers, including how to customize your spells to meet specific needs. Paperback, 294 pages.

By Renee, Janina

Price $12.95

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